Little Boy’s Room

Right now Thaddeus’s room looks like a cross between an empty storage locker and a hospital room. It’s really pathetic of me, but since we moved in/remodeled our house 2 years ago we haven’t touched his room. It has white walls, a bed, a rug, and a dresser. No artwork, no toy storage, nothing. Now that he is three and we have got the kitchen in, the living room somewhat furnished, and storage areas put together throughout the house I am finally going to tackle the kid’s rooms. First up Thaddeus. He has a small room, oddly shaped, but big enough for him. Since we live in the pacific northwest I feel like I want to go with a woodsy, mountain, adventure theme. Here is what I used as my inspiration.


I really like the idea of wall paper, it seems like less of a headache and I won’t have to worry about touching up painting if it get dinged. Problem is there is texture on the wall. But this wall really has me wanting to take it on!


I like the simplicity and ease of this one.


This plywood one is pretty amazing. And it would avoid paint which I am always in favor of.


I think this is what we will actually go with. We have a ton of paint, so I am sure we can find something that would work.

Which one would you pick?

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