Making Memories Father’s Day Gifts

I feel like we have exhausted the homemade mugs with hand prints and tool set gifts for Father’s Day. I love giving Josh gifts and the kids get really excited coming up with ideas they think he will like, but sometimes I want to give him memories over material objects. So here are some ideas to inspire you to create memories on Father’s Day.


Explore your city
Josh did this for me for Mother’s Day two years ago and it was really fun. Plan a day exploring everything your city has to offer. For us that was exploring Seattle (even though I have lived here for 10 years it still had a blast). Find a cute place to have breakfast, adventure around the landmarks that make your city unique, and most of all enjoy yourselves!

Pack a really special picnic full of his favorite foods and drinks then find the perfect spot to enjoy them— beach, woods, riverfront, backyard, even your living room if you can’t leave because of naps 🙂

A hike
Living in the PNW I had to include a hike. Hiking is a great way to spend some time together talking and enjoying your family. Bring along a picnic and make a day out of it!

Take a day trip
If you don’t have much to do around the city you live in or just feel like getting away plan a little day trip to one of his favorite places. For us that would be heading over to the peninsula or to the ocean. Plan all the details and surprise him with a fun filled day or a relaxing sit back and enjoy the scenery day!

Image Source: Craftsy

Ghost Chairs

Right now our dining room has a combination of folding chair, Eames knock offs, and thrift store finds. To say that I am underwhelmed by our dining room is an understatement. I cringe at the thought of having people over and having them see our less then desirable chair collection. So much so that I gave Josh an ultimatum…no new people over until we get a set of chairs.  That seems to have done the trick because he gave me the green light to get some (yay!). But he is even more picky then me on what to get. He wants something easy to clean, comfortable, and something that feels like it won’t break when you sit in it. Well, I think the perfect solution is…ghost chairs (he thinks they are too trendy). I have collected a few inspirations to try to convince him that they are amazing.


This is by far my favorite. I know white and muted colors are in, but I LOVE rich, bold colors. The contrast of the black chairs with the wood and pink has me wanting this in my house!




This is probably my second favorite because it still has some bold contrast that I really love.


What do you think? What is your favorite style of chair?

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European Anniversary Trip

Josh and I leave on our one year belated 10 year anniversary trip in two weeks! This trip has really snuck up on us. We have changed the itinerary a few times and now have finally nailed down what we will be doing. Drum roll please….we are road tripping through France and Switzerland! Yup, we will stay our first night in Verdun then make our way down to the French Rivera and then up into Switzerland. It’s bound to be a whirlwind trip, but we are still excited for the opportunity to travel together (although we are going to miss our kids like crazy).
If you have any tips or places we should go please share!

Image Source: A life of Saturdays